Frequently Asked Questions



1) Once purchased, Do I obtain full ownership of the domain name?

Yes, once transferred to your desired account, we relinquish all ownership of the domain name and nobody else can purchase it.

2) What other fees are associated with owning a domain name?

Other than the payment for the domain, there is an annual renewal fee(approx. $9-$15 paid to your registrar) and a one time transfer fee(only if your desired registrar account is different to where the domain is currently held) of approx. $10 to the registrar of your choice. If your desired registrar is the same as where the domain is currently held e.g. Godaddy to Godaddy then there is no transfer fee involved.

NOTE: After purchase, you must remember to renew the domain name every year. It is recommended to keep your contact info updated and to renew your domain for multiple years in advance just in case of failed billing, sickness or forgetfulness. Failure to renew your domain name after 30 days will lead to expiry and loss and in most cases not be recoverable. See your registrars terms for more information.

3) What is this Registrar word that I keep reading about?

A registrar is the place where domain names are registered and are held. We are not a registrar. An example of a registrar is or They hold and keep secure the domain name so that you can use it how you wish. Domain names can be transferred to different registrars for a nominal fee of around $10. As with most industries some companies are better than others. From personal use, we recommend registrars like,, Namecheap and Namesilo and would not recommend doing business with Network Solutions. But it is advisable to do your own due diligence before hand.



1) Will my purchase and payment on Clickabrand be secure?

Yes, all payment information is encrypted and payments and made via secure 3rd party payment systems who have the highest levels of security around.

2) What payment methods can I use?

We accept Paypal, Credit Cards via Paypal and Bank Transfers and Credit Cards payments via

3) Can I pay with Cryptocurrency?

We have just started accepting Bitcoin and Ethereum as a payment option but you will have to contact us directly for further information

4) You have a Paypal discount on a domain that I am interested in but I don’t have a Paypal account.

You can still pay with Paypal via a credit card without actually having to own a Paypal account. We send a Paypal invoice from our verified account to your email and you can pay by any credit card.