Clickabrand is part of the Setia Media Group, a UK based company that runs a number of websites in many different areas from Food to Web Hosting and has experience in creating and developing brands for many existing companies. Clickabrand was formed to create a site strictly for available brandable Dot Coms that have the ability to become household Brand Names one day. It also serves as a depository for Setia Media so whenever we need to create a brand for ourselves(or another company) we can simply dip into the “pool” and select a suitable name for free.

Clickabrand is the place where Brands Begin and while that isn’t an official title we like to think that it is, simply because with our 12 years experience in the Domain Industry, we have gained knowledge that can’t be taught in finding the right name that can become the right brand. Brand Names must be memorable, brandable, good looking and low syllable in design for them to be at their peak potential and the names that we have chosen tend to fit those strict guidelines. We only stock names that have the ability to become a product, a service, a name that you would be proud to build up as your own brand, a name that can be your legacy.

As mentioned before, we have experience, and in this industry that counts for everything because it means we can spot a gem in the rough, a name that can become memorable, a domain that can launch a major brand. Having a great name and the matching dot com can get you a foot in the door before you’ve even started and having an awesome name can pave the way for future continued success. We have helped countless startups find names and businesses give birth to their brand…..so let us help you to find yours.