DESCRIPTION: Everyone in the gambling industry, everyone who likes to have a sporting bet and most people in general even if they don’t bet …..know what a Banker Bet is……a bet that can’t lose. But as we all know there’s no such thing as a sure thing in sport but there are bets where we are almost 99% sure of the outcome. BankerBet is the perfect name for a tipping service or website, with a name like that you will get subscribers even if you couldn’t pick a winner in a one horse race. It does not matter because the name carries weight, we see a name and we think it must this or that, thats how our mind works…perception…like if we see 5 stars then we instantly think quality. The price is right and within no time you should get the money back in subscriptions, in life you have to pay for quality if you want results and this is a great opportunity.

PRICE: $9777

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